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Expert Notarize Services from Notary Public Sussex

Are you engaged in international transactions? Or searching for an expert to authorise your name documentation? Then, a notary is the first person whom you would need to meet. At South East Notary Services Ltd, we notarise all types of documents for private clients. Whether you want a certification for marriage or you need to authenticate your identification in a foreign country – notary public Sussex is the need of the hour.

We offer appointments at our offices and your home at your convenience. Our experienced and certified notaries aim to certify all documents with their legal signature and seal so that our clients can use them effectively abroad.

We can guide you through the legal documentation procedures with a minimum fee that you might not even notice! Our notaries will authenticate the documents once they’ve met the client personally. Verifying the client’s identification before notarization of the documents is the process we follow. We stick to the regulations while notarising your documents.

Please bring either of the following documents for legal notarization.

Residential proof
Passport of the client
National identity card
Government identification ID

Driving license

We will give you a cost estimate depending on the type of notary service that you need.
For all your notary needs, approach us.

Legalisation Services

No legalisation
Many countries which are part of the British Commonwealth and some parts of the United States do not usually require documents notarized in the United Kingdom to be legalised.
Apostille legalisation
Many countries require only a certificate from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office called an Apostille.

An Apostille is currently issued in the United Kingdom by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which is based in Milton Keynes. A premium service with a 24-hour turnaround is available for business clients otherwise the standard service has to be used which takes longer. I can arrange legalisation for clients using both the standard and premium services.

Consular legalisation
Some countries require notarial documents to be legalised with both an Apostille and a certificate from their own Embassy or Consulate in the UK.

I can arrange this but this will take longer as the the document must be sent to both the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the relevant Embassy or Consulate. I can arrange legalisation at all the Embassies and Consulates in London.

Legalisation Costs and timescale
In most cases I will be able to tell you in advance what legalisation is likely to cost ands if at all possible the likely time it will take.