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Chris Langridge, Notary Public
Kent — Surrey — Sussex
Kent — Surrey — Sussex

Witnessing and authenticating signatures

Providing validation of your signature on documents to be sent abroad

You are most likely to need a notary public to witness your signatures to legal documents that are going to be used in another country.

After identifying you, ensuring you understand what you are signing and watching you sign the notary public will record this on the document itself (the ’notarisation’) by adding:

  • The signature of the notary public;
  • The date when the document was signed in front of the notary public;
  • The place where the document was signed.

Certain documents may require the notary to record also the form of identification provided including passport numbers.

In some cases, rather than this information being recorded on the document itself a separate notarial certificate may need to be drawn up and this is then attached to the original document. We can also provide this service.

Many countries will require legalisation by the Foreign Office and/or a Consulate of the notarised documents.

Once these steps have been completed your documentation is ready to be sent the country where it is needed.