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Chris Langridge, Notary Public
Kent — Surrey — Sussex
Kent — Surrey — Sussex

Certifying copies of documents

Certifying your UK documents are authentic for use abroad

We are pleased to make and certify copies of many types of original documents and confirm the genuine and authentic nature of the documents, after completing any necessary verification checks.

A very specific form of wording may be required for the certification made by the notary. It is important to ensure the wording used in the certification matches exactly what is required by the overseas body or person to whom the document is to be sent.

Please note that the Legalisation department of the Foreign Office will only legalise the original of any document protected by Crown Copyright (e.g. a British Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate). The Foreign Office will refuse to legalise a photocopy of any document protected by Crown Copyright. If you wish to retain your original of any of these types of document it may be sensible to order duplicate originals.