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Chris Langridge, Notary Public
Kent — Surrey — Sussex
Kent — Surrey — Sussex

Companies House Documents

Essential services for doing business abroad

We can issue certificates signed by a notary public in relation to all documents held at Companies House in the UK.

This service may be needed where a company is carrying on business in another country. The company’s documents and ‘the good standing’ of the company may often need to be verified by a notary public. Additionally, the authority and standing of a Director of the Company, or an authorised signatory of the company may require verification by a notary public.

Certificates of Good Standing

We can provide Certificates of Good Standing for your company for use in other countries.

A Certificate of Good Standing is used to prove that a company is incorporated and authorised to undertake business in the country it is registered. The Certificate of Good Standing confirms three things:

  • that the company has continued to exist since it was incorporated
  • that the company has no documents outstanding including accounts and confirmation statements
  • that no action is currently being taken to remove the company from the register maintained at Companies House

A Certificate of Good Standing can be obtained from Companies House and this can be notarised by a notary or a bespoke certificate can be prepared by the notary and notarised.

Setting up and managing your business abroad

If you are setting up a company abroad, opening an overseas branch, opening bank accounts or promoting your brand in other countries, you will probably be asked to provide copies of various documents certified by a notary or have to sign documents in front of a notary.

We can help you with satisfying these requirements

Please contact us if your company requires the services of a notary public.